Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hat troubles

One of my favorite crochet blogs is Crochet Spot. Very cute patterns and a lot of free stuff in addition to nicely priced patterns. A few weeks ago the City Hat was posted and I fell in love. I'm not a hat person. A couple of years ago I had a hat I'd throw on to keep my hair under control but even in the winter my head is usually uncovered. This hat is cute, though, and looked fun.

I got it right before Stitches Midwest so I looked for yarn there. When I found two balls of Noro Silk Garden for 50% off I knew I'd found the right yarn. It's multicolored and such a pretty combination that I wouldn't have to worry about it matching anything. I started the hat and found that the yarn's color isn't all that changes. It gets thicker and thinner throughout and I was getting mostly very thin sections. The yarn itself is scratchy but when worked up it's very soft. The stripes it was making were amazing.

I tore out my first attempt. It came out more like a tight beanie. Tried again and added some rounds. I got to the brim this time. After I tried it on I knew it'd have to go. Too big and floppy and silly looking. My tension on the brim was too tight so it bent weird. There's no way I'd wear it.

I still want to make the hat but I'm going to use normal acrylic worsted weight yarn. I have some brown that I'll probably use. And some purple Red Heart that I can make a stripe or two with. I can put up with Red Heart for a few stripes. Maybe.


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