Thursday, September 24, 2009

It figures

The closest LYS--the one I never wanted to go to again--just sent out their newsletter. They have a couple of really interesting looking crochet classes. On one hand, I'm upset that the store I'm not so happy with is the only one to offer something beyond basic crochet. On the other, I'm really happy that someone actually is offering new and different crochet classes. I'll need to think about this. I'm not going to sign up just because they're their but if it's something I think I'll like then I want to support it. And it'd be great to meet more crocheters.

Is supporting crochet more important than not supported a store that's made me feel unwanted and/or unwelcome every time I've been there? No. And the money I'd spend on a class and materials could be better spent elsewhere. None of the classes are for things I'd want to make on my own. I'd be better off using that money to get a new kind of Noro. Or just saving it and not spending it on yarn or crochet toys. At least not all of it.


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