Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Foreward/introduction/foundation chain

Two commas or just one? I'll err on the side of more punctuation.

Hi, there. I'm Denise. Online I could be devinise or devi. Devi is a great name. Not only is it a diminutive of my Hebrew name but it's pretty common online so if I say something stupid under that name I can claim it's not me. And if someone else says something stupid under that name it might be me pretending to not be me. If I say something stupid under another name then it's just another day.

I'm a circulation clerk at my local library and a substitute librarian at the same. By next year I should have my masters of library information science degree and a small panic attack about what to do career-wise. It'll be fun. Anyway, that's where the "books" portion of the blog title comes from. That and I'm a bookworm/bibliophile/book hoarder. On LibraryThing I'm devi.

In July I learned how to crochet. It's the first craft I've really taken to and been consumed by. Hence the "hooks." I intend to talk a lot about crochet here. You can find me on Ravelry as devinise.

"Dirty Looks" just flowed right and fits with my crankiness. They could also be the looks my pug gives me since "pug" in no way rhymes with the rest of the title but is something I'm likely to bring up. If nothing else, she'll be in the pictures I post of my projects. Or at least her hair will be. Someday she'll figure out how to get hair on my blog, too.


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