Monday, September 14, 2009

What I've been up to

Hat Top
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Friday I saw and fell in love with the City Hat on Crochet Spot. Got the pattern. The next day I went to Stitches and was on the lookout for yarn for the hat. Didn't see anything and thought I'd have to find something in a craft store and then I found some Noro Silk Garden on a 50% off rack. I loved the colors--no worrying about what would match or go with this hat! And the price couldn't be beat.

I started the hat Sunday at Stitch n Bitch and later got it up until where the brim needs to be added. Later was after my pug grabbed my finger and attempted to snap it. She didn't but it got bruised and some skin went missing. Lovely.

The top of the hat is too small so I want to rip out most of it and add a few more rounds to the top. I still have some of the first ball of Noro and an entire unused ball so I won't run out. I kind of want to frog the whole thing and start from the other end of the yarn so the pink shows up on the sides.

I love the striping that happened and am really impressed with how soft the yarn is. Unworked it feels tweedy and there are a lot of sections that are like thin straw. But the fabric came out soft and flexible. I've never crocheted so loosely. The yarn weight is supposedly aran which is thicker than the worsted weight this pattern calls for but it's really much narrower. I think that's why the hat is snug.

I'm letting the wound on my finger get some air so no crocheting tonight. Or ripping out. Another piece of Stitches loot is a nice ball winder so the prospect of frogging the hat and dealing with all the yarn is not scary. Winding with a winder is fun. Especially Noro.


Maven said...

Stumbled On in here from CLF on Ravelry! I've given your site a thumbs up on StumbleUpon, too, so other folks can enjoy your site:)

Love your crochet work!

Devi said...

Hi! Thanks!

I'm hoping that this blog will make me actually finish things instead of jumping onto something new. So far it's not working.

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